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Goddess lung capacity.
We thought it would be fun and interesting for you to know the size of the Goddesses lungs. Now you can
compare this information with their respective breath hold times. This is how we measured the size of their
lungs. They blew into a tube that was in an upside down clear container which was filled with water and held
underwater. The air they blew into the tube displaced the water and we made a mark on the container where
the water line was. Below you can see a graph representation of the outcome.
Graph of each Goddesses lung capacity

For those who can't see the graph, the results are as follows.

Vesna has the smallest lungs
Harmonia is slightly bigger
Kayla is slightly bigger than Harmonia
Then there is a big jump in size to Lyssa
Gaia is slightly bigger
Eris is a bit bigger than Gaia
Pandia a bit bigger than Eris
Pheobe bigger than Pandia
Aphrodite a tiny bit bigger than Phoebe
and the largest lungs belong to newcomer Sarah.

India was suffering from Asthma on her attempt. Her lungs were about
half the size of Vesna's.

Gaia was sick on the day she tried but that probably won't make a

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